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About Quietfire Rubber Stamps

  • All stamps are unmounted unless indicated otherwise. More and more of our line is being converted to cling and foam mounting.
  • All lettered stamps are from original hand-lettering done by Suzanne Cannon. No fonts!
  • Stamps are listed in alphabetical order beginning with the first word in the quote.
  • Angel Policy:  You may sell your handstamped (no mechanical reproduction) cards for profit. If you have any questions, just contact us!

My tip for using unmounted stamps.... I'm such a lazy stamper that I just use double-sided tape to attach the stamp to an acrylic block. If I need extra cushion (hardly ever), I put a piece of cushion under the paper I'm stamping onto. I am currently storing my unmounted stamps in baseball card binder pages pockets and it's working like a charm! But shhhh, don't tell the real stampers I said this!
From Suzanne, the lazy stamper.

Watch our designer Robyn Josephs explain how to use Quietfire stamps!




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