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Baby - Children - Parenting


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Sometimes, said Pooh - Mounted
SKU: 6253

Approximately 2 1/4" wide by 2 1/4" high.  This stamp is mounted on cling foam.

The Best Kiss - Mounted
SKU: 6282

This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.


The Door Was Marked "You" - Mounted
SKU: 6284

The quotation is approximately 2.25 x 3.75" (56x94mm)  This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.

For personal use, not for commercial reproduction.   Used with permission of the author. http://www.maryanneradmacher.net/

The Future is Uncertain - Mounted
SKU: 6301

This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.


The Heart has its Reasons - Mounted
SKU: 6304

This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.


The Love We Give Away
SKU: 6315

Approximately 2.75" wide

The Moment A Child Is Born - Mounted
SKU: 6320

This stamp has been redesigned and is now mounted on foam with cling.

The Origin of Love
SKU: 6335

Approximately 1.75" wide

This Heart Longing for You - Companion Stamp Set
SKU: 6367

Send it to a loved one - friend or lover.  Tell them how much you mean to them!

This is my Beloved
SKU: 6368

approximately 1 3/4"wide x 2 3/4" high

Together Forever 2017 - Mounted
SKU: 6390

This stamp is mounted with foam and cling.

Valentine's Day/Love, set of 8 stamps - Mounted
SKU: 6428

This calligraphic set is perfect for Valentine's Day and so many other occasions.  This set is mounted with cling and foam.

Wishing You Whimsy, set of 4 - Mounted
SKU: 6461

This stamp set is mounted with foam cushion and cling.

Words of Love Are Works of Love
SKU: 6467

Approximately 3" wide

You Are Amazing - Mounted
SKU: 6417

This stamp is approximately 1.5" wide.

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