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Design Elements

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I Love You Alphabet
SKU: 5935

Approximately 2 3/4" wide x 2.5" tall

Illuminations 1 - Set of 4 Stamps
SKU: 5984

In ancient times, calligraphers decorated their letters, mostly the first letter or Versal, in a passage.  Here is our first selection of decorations created to use with our Double Stroke Capital Letters.  We know you'll find other creative ways to use them!


Inscribed Hand
SKU: 6000
Mini images collection
SKU: 6170
Mini Images Compilation, sheet Each of these 27 images are less than 1" in one direction, so they're perfect for dominos or microscope slides! 7.5 x 3.6"
Morning Glories
SKU: 6179

Approximately 4" tall x 2" wide

SKU: 6180
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme - Set of 8 Stamps
SKU: 6202

Herbs or the song? Are you humming? Use these images and words for cards, plant pokes and pots or whatever you can dream!


Tiles (5 stamps in a set)
SKU: 6380


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