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Garden Bench Collection - Set of 4 Stamps
SKU: 5848

Inspired by my grandparents garden bench overlooking Lake Erie, here is a set that is poignant, inviting and then makes you smile with a little naughtiness.
This set may be purchased unmounted or mounted with cling and foam.


Garden Delights, set of 8 stamps - Mounted
SKU: 5859


Remember That The Earth , Garden Delights oval, Some People, Like Flowers, Dandelions, The Hum of The Bees and Weed Love. Please see details. This stamp set is mounted with foam cushion and cling.


Ginkgo leaves, set of 2 stamps
SKU: 5855

Set of 2 stamps, the largest leaf is 1-3/4" wide by 1-3/4" tall

Give me the Splendid Silent Sun - Mounted
SKU: 5857

Approximately 3.25" wide

Give Thanks, Set of 2 Stamps - Mounted
SKU: 5861

This set is mounted with cling and foam.


Go Forth and Alter
SKU: 5870
Approximately 3" x 3/4"
God Gave Us Memory - Mounted
SKU: 5872

This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.


God Grant Me the Serenity - Mounted
SKU: 5875

Approximately 2.0" wide

Good Friends are Like Snowflakes - Mounted
SKU: 5876

This stamp is mounted with cling and foam.


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