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Spring Cleaning Stamp Sale!


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A Mother's Greatest Masterpiece - Set of 4 Stamps
SKU: 5592

Lots of variety here!  A reminder, an ornament and a lovely sweet sentiment..... depending on who is sending it!


Home - Congratulations! Set of 4 stamps - Mounted
SKU: 5924

This stamp set is mounted with foam and cling.


I Don't Tell You Often Enough, Set of 5 - Mounted
SKU: 5933

This stamp set is mounted with foam cushion and cling.


I Will Honour Christmas
SKU: 5957

This stamp is approximately 1.75" wide.

Illuminations 1 - Set of 4 Stamps
SKU: 5984

In ancient times, calligraphers decorated their letters, mostly the first letter or Versal, in a passage.  Here is our first selection of decorations created to use with our Double Stroke Capital Letters.  We know you'll find other creative ways to use them!


Illuminations 2 - Christmas - Set of 4 Stamps - Mounted
SKU: 5985

This set is mounted with cling and foam and is designed to go with the Double Stroke Capital Letters.


Keep Calm & Call Mom - Set of 3 Stamps
SKU: 6048

Flowers and heartfelt sentiments for Mom.  Perfect!


Kitties Quote Marks, set of 7 stamps
SKU: 6223

Each stamp is approximately 1.5" wide

Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme - Set of 8 Stamps
SKU: 6202

Herbs or the song? Are you humming? Use these images and words for cards, plant pokes and pots or whatever you can dream!


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