Welcome to our Information on Commercial User Licenses!

If you are in need of a commercial user license (permission for more than personal use of our products), here is a little bit of information!

You have the options of Limited Commercial License (1-100 items) for an additional $9.00 over the basic price of the cutting file or Unlimited Commercial License for an additional $49.00.  Please contact me for exclusive use of a design.

Most of my recent designs on the Silhouette Online Store give you the option of purchasing commercial licenses, but if you’ve seen Quietfire/Suzanne Cannon designs which do not offer commercial licenses, please email Suzanne (suzanne@quietfiredesign.com) or fill out the Contact form on this site to arrange licensing.

Just email if you have questions!

Here are some details.


Quietfire Design/Suzanne Cannon’s Digital Crafting Files Terms of Use

All images are Copyright of Suzanne Cannon and Quietfire Design
All Rights Reserved
Thank you for purchasing my digital files!  I hope you love using them.  Here are a few short but important rules.

Designs and Credits:
All of the designs in this file have been created by Suzanne Cannon and Quietfire Design and should be credited as such.  All words and letters come from original hand lettering with pen and ink by me; all illustrations are from original drawn art.


What is a Personal User License?
You have not purchased the actual designs in this file, but a license to use the contents for personal use.

  • You may not resell this product in whole or part or alter it in order to create items for income (commercial use). So this includes any sales such as online or craft fairs.  We have a commercial license for that at a really reasonable rate.
  • Sorry, you can’t even share this file with your friends or family. But send them to ca where they may purchase their own!  Thank you!
  • You can’t modify my work, even if it was a freebie.
  • You cannot use my work for any immoral purposes. I’m pretty sure if you purchase this file that you’re a nice person anyway!
  • YES! You may use portions of my kits in layouts that you may submit to digital scrapbooking sites online or to magazine publications. Please, you must credit Quietfire Design.
  • YES! Use these files to make products you will use on your blog or site as long as you’re not a business. You must credit Quietfire Design.
  • YES! Have fun!  When in doubt about permissions using these files, just email me!

What is a Limited Commercial User License?
Do you make cards and crafts for sale at craft fairs, on your blog, friends or sites like etsy?  Then this license is for you!

  • You are limited to using it in 100 tangible items for sale. (That’ll be enough, don’t you think? If not, please contact me!)
  • You are the only person who can use it.
  • You may not resell this product in whole or part or alter it or include it in a kit.
  • You may not give it away. Not even as part of a kit.
  • You may not use this for your own promotion of your business, blog, website or other online presence (that’s a full commercial license).

Zero Liability
I am not responsible to any person, organization or business for any loss and/or damages incurred from the use of these products.