Online Classes

Suzanne is delighted to be a teacher on Skillshare. Check out her  Lettering in a Circle class Want to take the class for free?  Sign up for a Premium Membership – you’ll get 2 weeks free.  Do the class.  It’s quick and fun!  You can cancel your membership any time, but Skillshare is a wonderful place to learn so you might just want to stay!

About the Class:

  • So you’re a lettering person and you love the pen to paper thing – just like me  – and you’ve been practicing and making some cards and doing some words and you’re looking for the next fun thing to do with your lettering.
  • In this class we’re going to take a line of your lettering and turn it into a complete full circle so it fits perfectly.  When finished, you can turn this into a card, create a frame for a photo, use it in a wedding invitation or announcement, or even have a rubber stamp made from your finished artwork.
  • You don’t have to be an expert calligrapher and you can use any tool that you’re comfortable with. It works in all styles.  So let’s get started.  I’ll see you in the first lesson!


Suzanne has many tutorials on her YouTube Channel including those for lettering, projects and assembling her digital designs.

Coming Soon!

Watch for our (almost) weekly Facebook Live broadcasts.  Our usual time is Thursdays at 4 pm Pacific time!